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Zoo and tomorrow

Jackson and I went to the zoo today. We took our time looking at whatever animals we felt like. We had a nice time.


The nurse call Dan today and scheduled the thorocentesis tomorrow at 9am. They will have a room for him for observation, so depending on how it goes will determine if he has to spend the night or not. The nurse said he will need at least four hours of observation. So we will be hanging out at the hospital for awhile tomorrow.


Fremont Troll

We went and saw the Fremont Troll tonight. It’s under a bridge in the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle. Jackson kept asking what he was going to say to us.


Still fluid

Dan had his doctor appointment this morning. His PFT breathing test was down some and X-ray showed that the fluid they just removed earlier this month, and possibly more fluid than before. So they will be calling to schedule another thorocentesis, but this time leave a drain in. Dan might have to spend the night at the hospital for observation also. Then Dan will have a drain left in his chest and will have to drain it at set times. It will depend how much fluid is drained, for when the drain will be removed.

Other than that, not much else going on. Jackson and I will be going to the zoo tomorrow. Dan hasn’t been feeling that great, so he might stay home.

Saturday deals

Saturday is a good day for deals up here! Check out what we got yesterday!


Jackson was so excited! I found the kitchen for free on Craigslist! The previous boys that had it, drew all over, and I mean ALL over it with crayon. But that doesn’t bother us and I think I can clean it off with a Mr. clean eraser. It also came with a basket of food. And, notice Jackson has new Carhart’s on in the picture! They are brand new, with tags, and I got them for 50¢ at a garage sale! Jackson loves his new ‘farmer’ pants.

In the newspaper

While we were home last weekend, we were asked for an interview on a story about the Great Strides CF walk coming up on June 16th in Redmond. And we made the bottom of the front page of the paper! It’s the local Redmond Spokesman. Here is the link to see the front page. Email me if you’d like to read the rest of the article, I can send it to you in PDF format.


If you would like to join Dan at the Great Strides walk, click here to register or just register the day of the event, on June 16th, 2012 at 3:30 pm in the Dry Canyon at Sam Johnson Park. The money raised goes to the CF Foundation to help find a cure for CF!

Mariner’s Game!

Yesterday we drove back to Seattle. We had a nice couple of days in Redmond. It was nice to be home, but we are anxious to be home more permanently, hopefully soon! We are hoping to move back to Redmond around June 10th, give or take a couple days depending on doctor appointments and blood tests.

My parents came up to Seattle to visit for a couple days. And today, they took us to a Mariner’s game! This was Jackson and my Mom’s first pro baseball game too! The Mariner’s played the Texas Rangers and won!


Jackson had a lot of fun at the game. I wasn’t sure if he would last the whole game, but he did great.


We went to the Moose Den and got a picture with him. Jackson loved it! He said hi to him and gave him a high five.


Then, during one of the innings, a Mariner’s player threw us a ball! It was so cool! Jackson was so excited about it! He even put it on the nightstand tonight when he went to bed.


Graduation and trip home

First, if you didn’t see on twitter, the thorocentesis went well. The doctor removed 800ml’s of fluid from one spot under Dan’s left lung! They aren’t concerned with the amount at all, but wow that’s a lot of fluid! The hope now is that it doesn’t come back. Dan doesn’t have another doctor appointment for two weeks now. He does have a blood test though in the morning.

Today was Uncle Mark’s graduation from Le Cordon Bleu! We all went to go watch, it was pretty neat. Here he is with Aunt Carla afterwards.


And here is Jackson giving Dan a high five.


And then this afternoon we packed up a bunch of stuff to take home tomorrow! We are just going home for the weekend. The doctor still doesn’t want Dan to be gone away for long. However, we are hoping he will get the ok to move home in June, so not too far off!

7 years

Dan and I got married on this day seven years ago. I can’t believe it’s already been seven years. I am so happy that I am still married to him, I wasn’t sure he was going to make it these last few months. Dan’s cousin Jared came over for a visit today, so Uncle Mark made a nice dinner for all of us.

This afternoon, Jackson and I went to the cemetery with his bike and my scooter. He can now start riding on his own when he’s on a slight incline! Otherwise, I have to hold the bike and help push it off to get him started. I took a video of it today, I’m so proud!

Tomorrow is going to be a big day at the hospital. Thankfully, Dan’s mom is here, so Jackson doesn’t have to come along. He does great, but tomorrow is going to be extra long. Dan has his normal doctor appointment, so 8:30am blood, 9:00 X-ray, 10:30 breathing test, 11:00 doctor. And then at 2:30, he has the thorocentesis procedure (where they stick a needle in his chest to get the extra fluid out). We are hoping after that procedure, maybe he will feel a little better. He just doesn’t have the energy he was having and we aren’t sure why. His blood pressure is going down, so the BP meds are finally working for that though.

Donut delivery!

Grandma Marti is here visiting for a few days. She took Jackson to church this morning (Dan and I stayed home, he had a rough night) and they went and got donuts on the way home. Jackson came to the door and said “donut delivery!”.


And Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers!

Dan’s project

Dan finished his project today!


He made a growth chart/ruler for Jackson! I got the idea from someone off pinterest. Dan liked it too and wanted to do something, so we went to Home Depot to get the supplies. The funny thing, is that we went the day before his transplant. So he couldn’t work on it for awhile.

I think it looks great! I also think he should make more and sell them, what do you think?


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