Saturday deals

Saturday is a good day for deals up here! Check out what we got yesterday!


Jackson was so excited! I found the kitchen for free on Craigslist! The previous boys that had it, drew all over, and I mean ALL over it with crayon. But that doesn’t bother us and I think I can clean it off with a Mr. clean eraser. It also came with a basket of food. And, notice Jackson has new Carhart’s on in the picture! They are brand new, with tags, and I got them for 50¢ at a garage sale! Jackson loves his new ‘farmer’ pants.


Posted on May 27, 2012, in Misc. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Jackson, you make those farmer pants look amazing!!! You will get lots of use out of them back here in Redmond! Looking forward to those days 🙂 Great deals!!

  2. Sounds like great deals!! Jackson looks so happy, kids are so much fun.

  3. Sister Mary Ellen

    Who had more fun? Jackson or Mom???

  4. Just look at the look at the look on hi
    s sweet fact!

  5. Come on out to our farm and check out all the baby calves and get a ride on a horsey!

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