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Little plane ride

Dan hasn’t been feeling that great the last few days. He’s been really tired, short of breath and congested in his lungs. So we waited a little bit, but it wasn’t getting better. I tried to get an appointment with his local pulmonologist, but they were full. So they said to go to SCMC Hospital in Bend and be seen by the on call pulmonologist in the ER. They did all the regular tests, X-ray, blood work, EKG, etc, and called up to his regular doctor in Seattle. The ER doctor warned us that they were probably going to admit him here. Once the pulmonologist came in (after all the tests were done and watching a couple shows on tv), he said they want Dan up in Seattle.

So, with that shock, we decided to fly him in an air ambulance. We all thought that would be best. We have a membership to Airlink, so cost wise it’s not an issue. Dan’s oxygen saturation has been lower the last couple of days, so they also put him on 2 lpm of oxygen. So in the plane they will keep him on the oxygen.

I unfortunately have to work the next two days, so I’m unable to fly with him. (Maybe it’s a good thing though, since I get air sick!). The plane will land at the Boeing airfield in Seattle, then the flight crew will go with him in a transporting ambulance to the UW hospital. He will then be admitted to UW and they will treat him. I think it’s good he will be going up there, it just sucks that it has to be so sudden and I can’t go with him. He is doing alright, definitely not what you would expect a patient to look like that needs a medical plane ride. Hopefully he won’t have to stay in the hospital too long.



Rummage Sale Fundraiser


Our friends and I have been planning a Rummage Sale Fundraiser! If you would like to help, there are two easy ways. You can donate items for the sale or come buy items the day of the sale!

Mark your calendars. It’s going to be August 11th, 2012 from 8am – 4pm at St Thomas Catholic Church parking lot at 19th St and Maple Ave in Redmond Oregon.

100% of the funds raised will go towards Dan’s medical expenses. We were recently told the total amount of money we owe to my employer for insurance while I’ve been on leave is over $7,000.00. They have been very supportive and have allowed me to wait and pay when I return to work. Other medical expenses that Dan has are weekly prescription copayments, which add up when he’s taking so many different medications. And we are still waiting to see what insurance doesn’t cover for the transplant, it’s still being reviewed by the insurance company.

If you would like to donate or get more information, you can contact me or email to

Pool party

A few days ago, when it was warm outside and before Dan was home, Jackson and Wyatt played in the little kiddie pool. They had a lot of fun on the slide. It was a fun, first swim of the summer.


Dan has been pretty tired lately. Since he’s been home, he’s been doing a lot more than he was in Seattle, so it wears him out quick.


Phew, the last 11 days since I posted have gone by fast.

Dan is home. He came home four days ago, right before I started my four days of work. Today was my friday, so I get four days off to spend time with Jackson and Dan. I have lots on my to do list too. Pretty normal things, like grocery shopping, pull weeds and get the oil changed in the car. It’s nice to be back home. We are adjusting well back to normal life.

Dan’s next doctor appointment in Seattle is July 3rd. He still has to do weekly blood tests here in Redmond though, but they are quick. I’m really hoping that everything will be ok at the next appointment and that the doctor won’t need to see him for another four weeks (instead of two).

Quick post

Dan called the doctor to follow up on test results. The nurse told him the preliminary results are negative, which is good. But he still needs to wait for the final results. The nurse thought tomorrow or next week.

And for me, work went great. I had no need to worry about it. I remembered a lot more than I thought I would. It was tough being away from Jackson all day, but he did great with Grandma too.

Miss each other

Dan is in Seattle and I’m in Redmond.  We are three hundred and eleven miles apart right now.  For the last six months, we haven’t been this apart for this long.  And to make it worse, we don’t know how long it’s going to be yet.

What’s going on in Seattle:  Yesterday, Dan went to the hospital at 8am for his doctor appointments, including blood work, X-ray, and breathing tests.  The doctor ordered a CT scan because the X-ray showed there was still some fluid.  Once that was done, Dan had to go and wait and talk to the doctor again.  The doctor then ordered a bronchoscopy because there were some changes on the CT scan.  And they got it scheduled that afternoon, so Dan waited for that too.  After that was done, Dan finally got to eat.  He hadn’t eaten all day.  Now we are waiting to hear from the doctor how the preliminary results are for the bronch.  It could potentially show an infection or rejection, both are treatable.  But depending on how severe it is, will determine how long he has to stay up in Seattle. Today he didn’t get a call, so hopefully he will hear from the doctor tomorrow.  Overall Dan is doing well though.

What’s going on in Redmond:  Tomorrow I go back to work.  My mom is staying with us for the week to watch Jackson so the transition is easier on him.  I got my lunch packed and my clothes picked out, so I guess I’m ready.  I’m not doing that good with the anticipation of it.  I’m nervous like it’s the first day of school.  I will do better once I am actually back to work and in the swing of it.  Just like running a race, my stomach is all butterflies before the race, but once I start running I’m fine.

Moving home! …sort of

We are getting all packed up and moving out! I say sort of because Dan has to come back Monday for doctor appointments Tuesday. Then we will have to see what the doctor says about Dan coming home after that. So basically we are moving Jackson and I back home because I have to go back to work on Thursday. …Yikes, I go back to work next Thursday! I haven’t been to work since November. I’m a little nervous about that.

Anyways, we have lots to pack up. I better get busy!

Out of the hospital

Dan got out of the hospital this afternoon, just in time too. Thirteen firefighters came to visit! It would have been a tight fit in the hospital. It was good to see them all. They are all Redmond Oregon firefighters and were up here for the day doing airport firefighting training. Jackson had fun playing with them too.


Dan has to go back to the hospital on Wednesday for a CT scan and doctor appointments. We should find out then when the chest tube drain can come out. And so far the culture results are ok. They show bacteria, but not a bad bacteria that needs medication. So hopefully no more surprises with that.


Dan had two good friends, Jesse & Sef, visit him at the hospital today. They drove up from Oregon to see him. It’s a bummer Dan couldn’t go out and do anything with them.



The doctors did another dose of TPA medicine to try to get more fluid out. About 150ml’s have drained since. They are still waiting for the final results of the culture. Preliminary results do show the second culture is growing bacteria, but now they are waiting to see if it’s a bad kind or not. Dan is doing alright. He is having some pain in his shoulder from the tube and the medicine. He’s resting and watching tv now.

Hospital stay

If you’ve been following twitter, you know Dan is in the hospital. I’ll try to explain what’s been going on.

He had to go in on Thursday for another thorocentesis and to put a pleural drain in. He had been told he might get to go home after four hours or observation or that he might need to spend the night. The procedure itself, went fine, however it wasn’t draining like expected. It only drained 45ml’s within the first three hours. So, the doctors ordered a CT scan to see exactly what was happening. They think that the fluid is in pockets. So they started a medicine that would break up the pockets and allow it to drain, called TPA. It worked, because then around 600ml’s drained last night. Dan was told they might have to do TPA a couple times, and so he would have to stay in the hospital until Monday. We are now waiting to find out if they will still do more TPA or not. And the other issue right now is that the fluid that came out this time has some bacteria in it, so they are doing more cultures and trying to figure out what to do about it. They might do nothing about it, have Dan take a round of antibiotics or possibly even have surgery to clean out the fluid better. We will find out over the next couple days.

Here is what his drain tube looks like all bandaged up.


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