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The sale was a success!

Yesterday was overwhelming. I am having a difficult time putting it into words. The amount of support we received has been amazing. I never imagined that our idea for having a fundraiser sale would have grown to this great of a success. The number of people that made this happen, the amount of things that were donated and all of the support from the community that came to the sale was just amazing. The amount of money we received exceeded our expectations. Dan and I want to thank everyone that helped and donated their time and support. Yesterday was an emotional day, I had tears in my eyes more than once.















This is going to be a huge sale!! Check out these pictures from Friday while helpers unload stuff and get it ready for the sale Saturday. Again, it’s from 8am-4pm at the St Thomas Catholic Church parking lot at NW 19th St and Maple Ave in Redmond. See you there!



Fundraiser Sale


Two days until the fundraiser sale! If you live in Central Oregon, don’t forget to stop by this Saturday the 11th between 8am – 4pm. We are having a BIG rummage sale at the corner of NW 19th St and Maple Ave in Redmond. It’s going to be in the parking lot of the St Thomas Catholic Church.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Dan is home

Dan drove up to Seattle on Monday and had his doctor appointment on Tuesday. It went well and the next one is next Monday, so Dan drove home afterwards on Tuesday! I was surprised, I thought he was going to wait until the next day to drive home. I’m on my four days of work, so I don’t get to see him much, but it sure is nice having him home! He is still feeling good, a little tired sometimes when he doesn’t sleep well though.

I was looking through some older pictures and found this one. This was taken at the Deschutes County Fair Rodeo August 2006. We were married for a year by then and no Jackson yet.


Had a fun weekend

We had a busy, but a normal feeling weekend. Dan felt really good this weekend. I am just so happy that he is feeling so good. I can’t even describe how good it feels. It’s good to see him do things. Just the way he interacts with me and others, I can tell he feels so much better. And I haven’t seen him feel this good since way before transplant. That’s why it’s just so great. I think it’s been a year since he has felt this good!

My first day off work, Jackson and I went to the Deschutes County Fair. We had a lot of fun. (Dan stayed at home to stay away from all the germs.) Jackson rode a couple of rides, rode a pony, saw the farm animals and then had some cotton candy. Cotton candy was his favorite part.



And then yesterday, Dan, Jackson and I, drove to the valley to go to my annual family reunion today. It was great to see everyone. Some of my family I hadn’t seen in two years, so it was really good to see them. But oh my it was hot!! Jackson had fun cooling off in the pool.



Dan has to go back up to Seattle tomorrow for a doctor appointment on Tuesday. As long as everything is still fine, then Dan can come back home. We aren’t sure if the doctor will want to see him again in one week or two weeks.

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