Monthly Archives: March 2013


The doctors ordered Dan to have a bronchoscopy today. Right now, I am waiting with him in recovery while the meds wear off.


The procedure went fine, but he does have some “white stuff” as the doctor described it in his lungs. It’s just like white sputum. They are sending it off to the lab to see if that means he has an infection or not.

The reason for the bronch was Dan has been sick recently. Having increased shortness of breath, cough, fatigue, etc symptoms that go with a cold. He just wasn’t getting rid of it on his own. They put him on a standard antibiotic. That seemed to help for a couple days, but now he is still getting short of breath when doing easy stuff.

The local doctors will be sending the bronch results up to Seattle and Dan has a follow up appointment next week with them.

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