Monthly Archives: April 2013


Well, the doctor called the other day with the results of the bronchoscopy. The reason why Dan wasn’t feeling well is because he had pneumonia. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics for him. Yesterday he saw his doctor in Seattle for a check up and it went well. The doctor said he is improving and his PFT’s are stable. He wants him to do another PFT in three weeks, which he can do here locally.

He asked the doctor again, I think for the third time, if there was anything he could do about his hands cramping. The doctor still didn’t have any good suggestions. Dans blood work is fine, so it’s not electrolytes. He thinks its his tacrolimus (anti-rejection) medicine. He suggested trying a neurologist since its such a problem/annoyance. Every time Dan does any kind of work with his hands, they cramp really bad, like the worst charlie-horses ever.

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