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Dialysis and GI issues

It’s been a long 24 hours. Dan didn’t sleep at all last night, he just felt terrible. His kidneys started acting up again two days ago and this morning was worse. The doctors decided to start dialysis today, so they had to put in a dialysis catheter. They did about 2 1/2 hours of dialysis today, which took off about 4 lbs of fluid. He still doesn’t feel much better though. He has also been throwing up today, so the GI doctors are going to come evaluate him tonight. After a long day, Dan is finally getting some sleep. He seems to be breathing better now too.


I got to stay in the room when the doctor put the dialysis catheter in, but I had to wear a hair cap and mask. I showed it to Jackson and he was excited to wear it too.


I did some decorating yesterday, got some pictures up on the board in the room.



Still here


Here is the hall we’ve been on for almost a week now. Feels like it’s been longer. The team of doctors have been great though. They come and see Dan every day. Dan sees the regular floor attending doctor, pulmonary transplant team, renal (kidney) doctor, infectious disease doctors, and the palliative care team.

Earlier in the week they took Dan off amphoterrible and switched him to another medicine (posaconazole), which doesn’t affect the kidneys. So right now, we are basically just waiting for his kidneys to slowly recover. They are…just very slowly.

Dan still has a lot of edema (water weight), so they have him on a lasix drip to help him pee it off. They don’t want to do too much cause it can be hard on the body, including the kidneys. So it’s a balancing act…which everything right now seems like a balancing act.

As Dan has been getting some of the water off, he has been breathing a little easier and sleeping better. We don’t know how much longer he will need to be in here, it just depends on how well his kidneys keep recovering.

Back at UW

Well maybe it’s time for a blog post. I have been thinking about it, but just wasn’t sure if I wanted to or not.

Dan had been in the Bend hospital for the last 10 days with a lung infection. He has been having all sorts of little complications and the local doctors finally decided it was time to send him up to a bigger hospital. So, Dan and I flew in the Airlink fixed wing yesterday. It was quite the rush of packing for me. It’s hard to pack when you don’t know how long you will be staying.

His breathing has been better since he was admitted last week. They are giving him new medications to treat the infection. However, the meds and his lungs having to work harder have created some problems. One of the medications he is on is nicknamed Amphoterrible. It’s causing his kidneys to act up and raise his creatinine and potassium levels. They are trying multiple things to keep the creatinine and potassium from going up higher. Temporary dialysis might have to be an option if it gets much worse.

It’s good to be at a hospital where they are more familiar with these kind of situations. The nurses admitting Dan last night were very nice. There is a little bit of adjustment though while the doctors are having to learn all about Dan’s case and while they consult all the doctors here to make a plan.


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