3am NG tube

Well instead of getting a good nights sleep, the doctor came in at 3am concerned about Dan’s ct scan. The radiologist is reading it as a complete bowel obstruction. The night time doctor was concerned enough that he thought Dan needed a nasogastric tube placed (through his nose down to his stomach). They gave him some ativan to help relax him to get the tube in. They got it in fine and confirmed it with an X-ray. It’s been just under 10 hours and has suctioned out about 500cc’s (half a liter) of gross stomach contents (gross – my very precise medical terminology). An internal medicine team came and examined Dan to see if he needs surgery or not. They have agreed to just let the NG tube suction and give the stomach some rest, so no food at all now. And then will start a medicine maybe tomorrow called Golytely to help clear the obstruction. The doctor said it might take some time to see if that will work. If it doesn’t, then surgery might have to be an option. They aren’t wanting to do surgery because he is at higher risk for major complications, so we are hoping the Golytely helps and it will resolve without surgery. Dan has been resting most of the day so far, the ativan helped. He wakes up occasionally asking what the plan is. He asked for the tv remote once, but was so drowsy he fell back asleep after attempting to change the channel.


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  1. One step at a time. I hope the medication works. Holding you close.

  2. We’re sending Love and Warm Thoughts to Both of you!
    Rand & Kathy from the Beach

  3. Alllll Righty then, gross stuff out, Dan feels a little better, imagine that! Hang in there! Love you guys, we’ll be praying for no surgery.

  4. Chris and Ron Nelson

    Glad they found that blockage and hope the new med can get it cleared up. Positive thoughts and prayers.

  5. Small kisses, and moments that leave you breathless. The piter patter of little feet, your strength, our favorite breakfast- A wedding dress and words that are effortless. This is a love that will always be endless. Sirens and love songs, passion that never fades. Eyes that will always meet in dreams, or here even today. My love for you never wavers, you are my strength and my grace. My love, my hero always, hold my hand, we are brave.

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