NG tubes aren’t fun either

Nothing really new to report. Just going slow. It’s hard to tell if there is any progress, seems like more little steps backwards than forward. The doctors started the golytely yesterday afternoon after Dan finished a 6 hour round of dialysis. Around midnight he started having a tough time. Was getting short of breath and feeling very full and uncomfortable. So they stopped the golytely and then this morning put him back on suction to let his stomach rest some more.

Dan’s mom and sister Katey brought Jackson back to Seattle last night. They had been at home for five days, so it was so good to see them all. It was good to have more familiar faces around. The hospital staff is nice, but they are not substitutes for friends and family. It was especially wonderful seeing Jackson.



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  1. Hugs and Prayers from Beth, Emily, Josh and Steve

  2. Thanks for the update…..our family has been praying for you guys. If you need anything please let us know. My phone has been out of commission for a while but my email works.

  3. Chris and Ron Nelson

    Thinking of you both…. sending prayers and hugs. Thanks for the update. Glad Jackson could come up! Nice having those precious fresh happy faces!

  4. You are in our hearts always Jessie, we know it’s hard on all of you. We pray you can all be home soon. Tell Dan prayers are being sent constantly from those he doesn’t even know. Love to you all, Aunt TRudie

  5. Thinking of all of you, and praying for you daily. The Campbell Family

  6. Hi Dan, Jessica and Jackson. You were in our thoughts this morning, so sending you warm greetings, hugs and prayers from Redmond. Steve, Beth, Emily and Joshua

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