2/5/79 to 9/21/14

I am deeply saddened to announce the death of my husband, Daniel Meyer.



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  1. Dianna and Alec Hansen

    May he rest in peace ♥ May you, Jackson and the rest of your family also find peace and comfort in this most difficult time. {{Big huge hugs}} We are here for anything you need!! Love and Prayers, The Hansen’s

  2. You are loved. We are here for you. As Jackson said, Dan is now with the angels. He is now at peace. May your strength endure as you say goodbye. Blessings to you all.

  3. Debbie Miller and Austin

    So sorry Jessica. Hugs and prayers for you and Jackson.

  4. Jessica, I am so so sorry. You and the rest of our family are in my prayers.

  5. Nan and Dan Lauderback

    So so sorry, Jess. You, Jackson and all your families are in our thoughts and prayers. We send much love.

  6. Dawn Lippincott Wilch

    I am so very sorry to hear of Dan’s passing. I will forever remember his smile. You are all in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

  7. We are so sorry Jessica and Jackson. Mere words cannot say what is needed. He made a difference in so many lives. You gave him love and joy beyond what many only dream of. I was honored to know him. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Steve and Beth

  8. I am so sorry for your loss Jessica. May Dan rest peacefully and breathe easy now.

  9. I am so sorry, wish I could say more. Just not sure what to say. Of there is anything I can do let me know.

  10. I am so sorry Jessica!

  11. Jessica, the world is a better place because of Dan. We all gained from his intellect, humor, and his big heart. Dan and you have showed us how strong people can be, thank you for that. I’m sending you my warmth, love, and energy.

  12. We too are terribly saddened and send our love and prayers.

  13. I’m so sorry. Love to you.

  14. Jessica, Jackson, and the Meyer Family,

    Dan was, and will forever be a good friend. I remember my first day at Redmond Fire and Rescue. Dan was the first person to greet me and introduce me to everyone there that day. Such a small gesture meant so much to me. I’m deeply saddened to hear of his passing, however relieved to know that this journey on earth is over. I was reminded of a quote this morning that fits Dan very well. “The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.” -Jim Carrey

    Dan was a very rich man. He will be missed, but never forgotten.

    You are in my thoughts,


  15. When I was entering my volunteer academy, Dan was completing the same academy as a new hire. He was always looking out for me being that I was young and immature. He always leant a hand to show me the best way, he always cared about my success. I will always remember him as a person that did more than he had to and a man who cared more than most. The only core value/expectation that I remember from RF&R is “desire to help others succeed”. Dan personified this value to me. He wasn’t a part of my life for very long, this is even more of a testament to the impact he had. I hope for peace and comfort for all of Dan’s loved ones. I know that the world has suffered a loss with Dan’s passing, I also know for a fact that the world is a better place for having him. RIP Dan.

  16. Jason & Zoe Arnold

    This world has lost a saint but our heavens have gained a warrior angel. R . I. P. Dan, you will be deeply missed and always loved. Jessica, you and your family are in our care. Anything y’all need. Until you’ve been reunited. We love you and we’re so sorry for your loss.

  17. Jen Johnson-McLaren

    Jessica- I am so sorry for your loss and all that you and your family have been through. Thinking of all of you. I’m grateful that I had a chance to know Dan. Also that he had such a great support network.

  18. Dan you will be greatly missed. Jessica I am so sorry for your loss Dan was a great man. He was an inspiration for all the battles that he concurred and overcame in his life. RIP Dan. Tom, Emily and Riley.

  19. As we have shared tears today we sure wish we could share our strength as you continue through this heartbreaking and difficult time.
    Sending every ounce of our love and support.
    Please let us know what we can do, if anything.

  20. I am so sorry. Prayers are with you. I lifted you and your son up today. May God give you strength to get through this.

  21. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Dan was such an awesome guy he will be missed by all who knew him!

  22. Chris and Ron Nelson

    We are so very sorry Jessica and family that this day has come to pass. May Dan rest in peace and breathe easy now. The picture you posted of you and Dan is beautiful.

  23. Love this picture of the two of you, such a wonderful man. I know he will be greatly missed by hundred’s of people. He will alway’s & forever be watching over you & Jackson.

  24. Our deepest condolences. Dan touched many and is the definition of honor. From one brother in arms to another, a hui ho. (Until we meet again) The Dicksons

  25. Tears today as God brings another Angel home.

  26. Dan was so nice to me when I started working at redmond fire. Kind. A gentleman. I never heard him say a bad word about anyone nor did he ever complain. Earth will miss him. We all will miss him. Much love to you and your family.

  27. The world lost a great man today!

  28. The whole St. Thomas community will be keeping your family.

  29. Amanda and Rod Bjorvik

    I hope you know your “fire family” runs far and wide. May you grieve knowing you are surrounded by those that care deeply for your families well being. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers…

    The Bjorvik Family
    Sunriver Fire Department

  30. Jes I am so sorry to hear this. We will be praying for you and Jackson. Please let me know how we can help.

  31. So sorry for your loss! Willie & Kathie

  32. Jessica so sorry to hear of Dan’s passing. You are such a strong person. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  33. Jess
    What an amazing love. Truly to be admired and longed for by many. You and Jackson are in our thoughts and hearts. Thinking of Dan and knowing he is dancing with angels because he was one on earth.

  34. I don’t have the words to express my gratitude for the effects of Dan’s friendship on my life. For I am truly blessed and honored that Dan Meyer IS my eternal friend and I am a better man because of the selfless acts that Dan has bestowed upon me. The care packages that Dan personalized with his unique spirit and infectious love ALWAYS seemed to find me, in the darkest corners of Afghanistan, when I was truly in need. If there’s one redeeming quality about Afghanistan, it is the nighttime sky; never have I seen stars like that, SO whenever I received a package that Dan had put together (with the Redmond Fire family) and when there was a short but peaceful lull in fire from the artillery gun line, I would always wish upon the stars for Dan and Jessica. I know now that Dan is finally touching THOSE very stars. Rest in peace and feel pain no more, Brother Dan you will NEVER be forgotten and I am in infinite debt to your friendship. Jessica I can’t begin to imagine your loss and don’t even know how to convey my condolences to you and Jackson and your circle of family except to say how humbling and endearing it is to experience how much of your family’s unbreakable love that you have shared with the world. You will remain at the forefront of my thoughts and prayers.

  35. Jessica,Jackson and the Meyer family, Your strength, love of family, love of God, are all a testiment to Dans life. I know that Dan is breathing easy and is in his healthy body now. You are truly amazing. May God wrap his loving arms around you and bless you with peace.

  36. Jessica, I truly wish that I had some magic way to take the pain away for you and Jackson and your family. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Please don’t hesitate to ask if there is any way that we can help.

  37. so sorry,jessica.may god be with you and give you comfort

  38. We are so so sorry for your loss. There are not words to take away the pain but please know we are sending you both lots of love and hugs. Please let me know if you need anything.

  39. All of you are loved by evidence of the comments left, and Mike and I join them in expressing our sorrow that Dan lost the long fought battle with his disease. You have been and will remain the strong parent and we wish you and your family strength and comfort through this difficult time. We are so sad for all of you, sending prayers your way.

  40. Dan was a bright light in our world, a torch, really a star. He ran with his torch as long and hard as he could and along the way he lit a million candles–all people who are better now than they were when they met him. His torch went out, but there are a million candles still burning. Rest now beautiful boy and know that this world is illuminated with your light. Love you so much, Aunt Anne. Thank you Jessica for loving my nephew in such a complete way. Love to you and Jackson.

  41. We hold you in our prayers. God bless you and your family. May Dan rest peacefully and may the Holy Family surround you . With Love and prayers.

  42. Many may live longer
    Few will live better.
    He will be missed
    May God’s promise
    bring peace and comfort
    to all who knew him and loved him.

  43. Karen & Dave Ward

    To Jessica, Jackson, Marti , Chuck and all of you beautiful Meyer/Sizemore family. I am writing on behalf of Aunt Thea, and all of us here in Cottage Grove. Our love for all of you is a deep family connect that spans generations. Even if we do not know Dan well, we feel the pain, the grief, and the love. Our empathy for you is very deep, and we want you to know that we have been along with you on your journey with Dan through the many blogs that you have shared over the years. We felt like we knew him better, prayed for him harder, always hoping for the very best outcome. Please let your loved ones surround you with their love and support during this week ahead and always. We are looking forward to seeing you all at Dan’s Memorial service. God Bless you dear ones. ***Cousin Anne, your post is amazing…I happen to know another Fireman in Heaven with a mighty torch.

  44. Jessica and Jackson. I know the loss of Dan is very hard right now, but know that your day to day life does get easier but also know that his memory does not and will not ever fade. Trudie and I love you. Uncle…….

  45. You have all of our prayers. I babysat the Meyer kids when I was in high school — just love and adore the entire family. Words fail me here, but please know that all of you are in my heart today. Amy Newport-Davies xoxo

  46. I’m so heavy-hearted for you, Jessica. The picture you posted is perfect – two very beautiful people. Thanks for sharing it.

  47. Jessica and Jackson, We are so very sorry to hear this news today.You are all loved so much by so many people. You are in our prayers. Love The Hagen Family

  48. I hope for the best for you and your family and sending prayers. Such a sad time.

  49. Jessica, Jackson, Chuck, Marty and family, my love and prayers have been and remain steady for you. God’s comfort and grace as only He can give at this time,

  50. Dick Maunder and the St. Charles AIM team

    Know that we hold you and Jackson in our hearts and are sending extra strength and love your way in this difficult time.

  51. Ken and Nancy McGilvray

    Jessica. Our love and aloha go out to you and Jackson, and to all the family. So sorry for your loss

  52. May he rest in peace. I’m sorry for you and your family’s lost. Dan was like a brother to me that I never had. The world has truly lost a wonderful soul. His light will shine on though in all of us by the memories and love in our hearts of him.

  53. My heart feels so broken about the loss of Dan. Truly a courageous light in our lives, and indeed a life that has brought love and joy to so many of us who have been blessed by knowing him. Tremendous memories of Dan at Baker Diocese Youth Leadershiip camps at Camp Whitebranch and the John Day Camp, as well as adventures during our Los Embajadores Mission Trips in Tijuana. That smile of Dan’s that exuded warmth and a mischieoveous side that wanted to experience life to the fullest, even if that meant stretching the bounderies a bit. And I will always be thankful for the profound faith in God that Dan had, and shared with us all…truly an inspiration for us all. I am forever grateful for so many experiences shared with this brother in Christ, and for this light that will always shine in my heart!

    Jessica, Jackson, Marci, Chuck, and the rest of this amazing framily of Dan’s—May you find God’s love, strength and courage as you absorb this tremendous loss in your lives. Know how deeply so many of us love and support you as you journey forward in these days, weeks and years ahead.

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